Monday, April 20, 2009

Pages In Time... NEW SITE!!!!!!!!

I just want to tell everyone here that there is a new site called pages In Time, and it is fabulous!!!! You just have to check it out!!! I have been glued to my computer now for days (minus a nod off now and You can chat live, browse through the AWESOME gallery!!! So much amazing talent. There's challenges you can join in on, and whats best is there's a store to shop for (cheap) goodies!!!! The kits are absolutely gorgeous!!! Have I convinced you yet? Did I mention that the prices are great???? Come on over and check it out!!! The woman who's site it is is Karen Mattison, she also has a blog, and she owns the store...amazing woman with soo much on the go! Hope to see you all there, lots of fun stuff going on...see ya later, Im going back there Come and see for yourself! You wont be disappointed....I promise!!! :)

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