Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I just couldn't wait to try one of these when I first seen one..actually I have seen them alot in the last couple days! Its called a folded dahlia flower and it is sooooo easy to make!! I just love them, I made about 4 in total just for the fun of it...lol. The very next purchase I am going to make is for a circle punch, since I had to hand cut out all the circles used for this...argh!! I think they look so cool, and depending on the paper you use, it will look different every time!!! All you need is two-sided paper, a circle punch (size depends on how big you want the flower), thats it, oh and of course adhesive!! Anywhoo, thats the newest technique for me I thought I would share! :)

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Rleen said...

I love the folded flower. I want to try this one too, looks so pretty. TFS!