Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is my son Jordan at christmas time '08, with his new shoes from his older brother.
This is also my son Jordan, and if he new I was posting this pic, he wouldn't be happy ;) 19 years old and playing with lego's, great to see the kid in him It's a little harder getting pic's of Jordan because he is on an opposite schedule then me. He is usually up and at it when Im sleeping, and vice versa, so whenever I can, and when he will let me, I try to get some good pic's (not an easy task!) Thanks for looking

this is a layout of my youngest daughter and her friend. Girlie Girls...sometimes. All flowers and flourishes are all hand cut, did some doodling too (like its a shock!) thanks for looking.
This is Shayla, my youngest at 13 just 2 days ago, I caught her fresh out of the shower before all the

This is Ashley, still in, playing the guitar she left at the airport :( Thanks so much for looking...isn't she beautiful!

this is my oldest daughter Ashley when she was in Australia. She went backpacking for a year and just returned home a week ago. She is beautiful, courageous and adventurous. I feel like I wont see her too much over the next few years, due to travelling. She is on her way back to Australia, then off to S. America from there. As of yet she is not sure where to after that...well...maybe 'I'm' not too sure, or maybe Im just trying not to think about You see, while Ash was in Australia she met someone who has captured her heart..sooo...this could mean something????....yes of course it means that he will move here(canada) to be together...right? Anywhooo Im just rambling...on to get more pic's....
Well I must say that periodically I will post non-scrapped photo's of my kids...usually ones I like best (that will get srapped), Im going to post a few of them today hope you enjoy them even half as much as I do...thanks for looking!
This hangs from banner in the middle
this is a welcome home banner I made for my oldest daughter, she was in Australia for a year. She just came home a week ago. Chipboard letters, various scrap papers, ribbon, miniature clothespins. Was alot of fun to make, and pretty easy too! Thanks for lookin ;)


Good day everyone...I woke up this morning just freezing! It's -9 out and cold! The kind of morning that you just want to stay in bed. I am really looking forward to some warmer weather...c'mon spring!...bring it on!!! Well this is only the 2nd day of my blog so I am going to post some more of my work here today, get better pic's now that it's daylight ;).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi everyone...just so you can put a face to all this bloggin'

This pic is not so great I will try to get a better one in the morning. Its my daughter, who will be appearing here, she is 13 and she LOVES taking pictures of herself! Which I think is great! makes scrapping so much easier! I dont have to search to hard for any new pic's to scrap, because every time I open the picture file, voila! All kinds of new ones are already there ;) The butterfly and the title were cut from my quickutz silhouette, thanks for looking!

This is basically the same as the congrat's card, only this one is a thank you card. All freehand doodled, including 'thankyou'! thanks so much for looking

Everything on this card I doodled myself, started off with a blank white card and this is what it looked like when I was done. This is done without measuring anything...all freehand, Im impressed it wasn't crooked or Thanks so much for looking

birthday card~I cutout the flowers, then crimped them, doodled around edge of card , on flowers, and also the stems and leaves. The 'happy' is a sticker, and the 'birthday' I wrote myself. Very simple, thanks for looking!

First blog ever...

Well...helloooo and a very warm welcome to all visitors stopping by to my little corner of the world! My corner of the world is very cold right now, thats because I am in Ontario, Canada and winter is here!!! The average temperature for the last few days has been -10/-15, brrrrrr, to say the least! I will say that once the warmer weather is here, I probably wont be posting as much. I love the outdoors in the spring and summer months, so I am rarely on the computer. Instead I am outside either doing gardening, swimming in the pool, taking the dogs for a long walk, or just out socializing with the neighbors.
I actually started this blog to be able to have a place to keep all my craft projects in one place. I have always done some form of crafts for as long as I can remember. I have tried my hands at quite a few things, and willing and quite eager to keep trying new things as they are brought to my attention! Some of the different crafts I have done are, rughooking, screenprinting, painting ceramics, jewellery making, macrame, knitting, crocheting, plastic canvas, and my all time favorite (and newest hobby) is scrapbooking! Now that I have my weaknesses out on the table, I can probably stop yakkin now and post some of my work, lol. Hope you all enjoy, I look forward to all feedback, good or bad...please feel free to be honest with your opinions, no hard feelings! Soooo, that will be all for now, until I feel my way around on here and get some things posted. Thanks all for stopping by, have a great day!