Monday, March 30, 2009

Completed Pregnancy Journal!

O Boy! I am proud of myself for finishing something, and it only took me a FULL day to make It was alot of fun. Thanks so much for having a look and stopping by for a visit, i truly appreciate, and welcome all new visitors! The more the merrier! Have a great day, off to get ready now for doctor's appointment, later gater...~Kelly

Finished Journal!!!!

Ok here are the rest of the pics from the finished journal, I thought I would never get it done in time for today, but I surprised myself!!! here it is.....

EMG Today!

Good morning, its monday!!! woot woot....not! lol I have to go for an EMG today. I have been waiting on this appointment for quite some time, and now the day is finally here! Hopefully they can find out what the heck is wrong with my whole left side. I have already been for an xray on my neck to see if its a pinched nerve, apparently not, cause I never heard anything from my doc about the results-so thats 1 down! This test today is to check all my muscles in that arm so thats whats on my agenda today! Oh of course I need to finish the pregnancy journal before my appointment, because I want to give it to my daughter when I see her for dinner today. I really hope she likes it, I think she will as she keeps notes and journals everywhere! lol I call her the post it girl! lol Anyways Im off to get the journal done...time is ticking....have a fantastic day and I will post the rest of it when finished. ~Kelly

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The page with the stamped bird image is page 15 and it is unfinished , I am sooo done for today, but will be trying frantically to finish it in the morning because Im going to see my daughter for dinner tomorrow and would love to give it to her then...we'll see what the morning Im off to bed now , g'nite. Sweet dreams til tomorrow~Kelly

Pregnancy Journal

This is a mini album I made into a pregnancy journal for my daughter. It is 20 pages long, and so far I am at 15...almost there! It has been so much fun making it and especially knowing Im making it for my grandbaby!!!! well for his/her mommy, which in time will eventually go to baby, ...right/ Soooo I have made it look distressed by inking edges of everything! I was inspired by alicia saunders , I seen a pregnancy journal she had made for her friend, and it was fabulous, and I thought was a great thank you so very much alicia for the inspiration!The flourishes were cut with my silhouette, printed out a silhouette of a pregnant woman on my printer, then ct it out of cardstock, doodles around edge of silhouette. "journal" letters are stickers as well as 'the wait', added a ribbon...and that was the cover, done! :) Thanks so much for looking~Kelly

My daughter's pregnancy journal

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Well good day everyone! It's saturday, it's sunny, what more can a girl ask for? I slept in today a little bit, something that just does not happen anymore! By sleeping in I mean I was up at 8 am instead of 6 am or earlier! Considering Im a nighthawk, early mornings are a daily chore! Thank goodness for the internet! What would I do with all my non-sleeping time? Anyways I just wanted to post before I start my other 'chores' for the day. You know the, cleaning, scrapping! Probably more of the 3rd one ;) , since it is saturday.
I have been searching all kinds of ideas to do a journal book for my daughter whom we just found out is expecting. She already keeps a journal, so I thought it would be a great idea to do one for her, so she can record any thoughts or events during her pregnancy! I know she will love it. So thats whats on the agenda between getting some sunshine too. As soon as I start I will start to post the pages, hopefully I will be posting them as soon as tomorrow :) Have a great saturday everyone! ...Kelly

Friday, March 27, 2009

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!

Well I seem to be having a little difficulty getting this 'blogging' thing down pat! I was wandering why nobody had come to visit, and figured out its because they couldn't get in! DUH! So hopefully now, things will be different! I am soooo excited today!!!!! I found out last night that I am going to be a new Gramma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god, I am soooo excited about this news! Imagine all the goodies I can scrap now he he. We have a long way to go before the day, but there will be a new addition to our family for christmas this year...ohhh I cant wait!!!!

Ok I uploaded all these pics and never commented about any of them...if I can figure out how to go back and edit them, I will, but for the time being if you have any questions about any of them, please feel free to ask! Ok I have sooo much to do today so Im off for now, back soon.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sorry for the inconvenience...

Well I guess I have more blond moments then I like to I have been trying to get this blog setup and really don't know what the heck I'm doing! I used '~' instead of '-' and wow...something so small and makes such a BIG difference, apparently that's why I have no followers yet, and not even a visitor . I thought nobody loved Anyways now that I have it set right, I will be here more often and adding more goodies. Please bear with me, as I am still new this whole blogging thing! I want to have a beautiful blog like some of the ones I see, but I think that will take a crash course!!! lol Anyways I appreciate all visitors and comments, so feel free to post one please and thank-you all for stopping by! Kelly

Monday, March 2, 2009

VALENTINE CARD FRONT~this is the front of a valentine card I made this year. I seen it on a scrapbook site I go on, and couldn't resist! I forget where I got those papers, sorry. Added ribbon to the straps, and doodled the lace-look on top of bra, added 'with love' tattoo and thats it...easy as pie...well once you have cutout the card first! Thanks for looking
VALENTINE CARD FRONT~stamped the tattoo then added the name jordan to it. Stamp is basic grey-figgy pudding..thanks for looking1

DREAM~ I wanted this one to be simple because I love this pic! This is my stepson when he was on vacation in Cuba this past january! Hand cut circles and added buttons and ribbon. Used hemp cord on the 'dream' metal title. Yes those circles are metal. added some embellies, stamped the flourish. Cut out bird, doodled around pic. Quote reads...Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake! Thanks so much for looking!

I LOVE LUCY~I played around with a program on my computer to frame the pic's. Used my quickutz silhouette to cut out dark tree and title! Other tree(green one) is chipboard, and so is the tag. Added some ribbon and punched out the (flower) star on top of tree. Paper is from a christmas pack dcwv! This is my 'furbaby' Lucy, just lovvvveeesss the snow! thank you so much for looking!

VALENTINE SPINNER CARD~embossed card set(yes I cheated), this is the first spinner card I have made! I layed the red paper lace on top of card then hand cutout the heart right thru! Then doodled around edge of card. The spinner is pretty easy actually, you just cut the heart(actually you need 2 hearts this size!) a little smaller then the opening, put dental floss in between the 2 hearts and glue them together, then add to the inside of card so heart is centered in middle of opening. Hope that is clear enough! Thanks so much for looking!

FISHING HAPPINESS~ Hi everyone, this is a layout I did of my hubby...'fishing', is glass tiles, 'happiness' is paper from dcwv photo stack, looks like real water bubbles! I also cut some bubbles out from that paper and placed them at the side of the pic. Cut the orange paper to look like waves at the top, added cutout birds from basic grey offbeat collection paper. Journalling reads...It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do...that is the secret of happiness. Thank you so much for looking!
DREAM BIG- This is my youngest daughter again! I cutout all the flowers from patterned cs then doodled on them , the 'Dream' part of the title is a rub-on, on black cs, then cutout. The heart is all hand done, doodled and cutout. Journalling reads...May all your dreams come true, today, tomorrow, forever. The bird is hand doodled and cut out, alot of doodling on this one, also on all the little hearts. Papers are serendipity. Thanks so much for looking!

MOMENT~This is my oldest daughter and my hubby(her stepfather). I used my quickutz silhouette to cut out flourishes, flowers, frame, and title. Papers are dcwv photo stack, doodled on flowers and on mat of pic. Quote reads...A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. Thanks for looking!