Monday, March 30, 2009

EMG Today!

Good morning, its monday!!! woot woot....not! lol I have to go for an EMG today. I have been waiting on this appointment for quite some time, and now the day is finally here! Hopefully they can find out what the heck is wrong with my whole left side. I have already been for an xray on my neck to see if its a pinched nerve, apparently not, cause I never heard anything from my doc about the results-so thats 1 down! This test today is to check all my muscles in that arm so thats whats on my agenda today! Oh of course I need to finish the pregnancy journal before my appointment, because I want to give it to my daughter when I see her for dinner today. I really hope she likes it, I think she will as she keeps notes and journals everywhere! lol I call her the post it girl! lol Anyways Im off to get the journal done...time is ticking....have a fantastic day and I will post the rest of it when finished. ~Kelly

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