Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sorry I have been Mia!

Hello everyone...I have not been here in awhile..I seemed to have lost my mojo! Its driving me crazy!!!! I keep trying to do a page, and every time I do...nothing comes together! I need a crop to get me motivated They seem to do it for me! Anyways, Im working tomorrow and Im hoping when I get home I can get the mojo going again...we will see what happens.
There are a couple things I have done that I will upload.
I just have been working on a new computer, and I hate it!!! I want my old one back...our power went out and it seemed to have fried my computer...I lost so much, about 1000 pictures. I started to put them on cd's, but only got half way done =( This computer is so much different, all the programs are different, so thats another thing Ive been doing....navigating!!! Not fun!!! Probably why I lost my mojo....ya think? =S Anywhooo enough rambling, just thought Id let you know Im still Be back with some pages soon hopefully!! Take care everyone, have a great night! ~Kelly~

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