Sunday, March 11, 2012


Oh if things were easy, I guess we wouldn't appreciate them as much....right? Did u ever have one of those days, NOTHING goes right? Well thats me today...and yesterday...ugh! I finally managed to get some scrapping done, and it felt sooo good! So then I getting it all ready to share with u that I finally have a camera...and ...BAM...I need the software disc to install it onto my new to me computer!!! UGH!!! So now I have to wait for the person I borrowed the camera from to bring me the disc...I so want to share my goodies, its been so long.
Anyway, enough whining! Hopefully that will happen this week, we both have different schedules, so its a little tricky trying to get together...but, Im trying, and I promise I will be adding something this week, if it kills me! Have a great day ladies and fellow crafters. See u soon

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