Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Scrappy friends!

First of all....Happy New Year to you all! I sure hope it is off to a great start! I havent been here for quite some time and I miss everything about it, scrapping, blog hopping, looking for inspiration and seeing all the new and wonderful creations from all of you! Well, I wont get into why I havent been here, lets just gets in the way sometimes! It seems to be happening more then not for me in the last year or so. I just started (once again) to get my scrap stuff all set up. Room is set, most of my stuff is still in a locker. I will be getting it in the next week, so I plan on locking myself in my room and going scrappy crazy for awhile!!! You will be seeing posts from me soon after! I cant wait! The only problem I have is working on a camera, I have access to one but want my own :) Hope you all stop by once Im back in motion here, looking forward to blogging again!
See you soon friends

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