Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crazy Storm!!!

Hello my friends. Hope you are all having a great day so far!
We had one crazy storm last night, and as far as I know at this point, no one I know was harmed! Crazy wind and heavy rain. Tornadoes touching down, golf ball sized hail in places, BIG trees toppling get the picture, right! Yeah...crazy!!!!
All that kept going through my head is omg, what happens if a tornado touches down in my town...imagine all my scrappy goodies flying all over town :( Not a good thought!) I truly was scared out of my mind! Like white knuckles just holding on to my seat...yes I was out in the car at the time!! 8/
I'm kidding... that was not the only thought going through my mind, I was praying for safety to all my family and friends here at home first, then the thought of my scrappy goodies blowing around town! ;)
Anyways we are all safe and today the sun is shining! Praying that all my scrappy friends where the storm is headed stay safe too! Batten down the hatches!!!!!

I am trying to upload the weekly sketch from Pages In Time, but am having trouble doing it. I will keep trying for you all to get a chance at participating in it, such an awesome sketch. Here is the link for the site just in case it will not work ... Just head to the forum and click on sketches! Have an awesome day!!

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Hi Kelly,

Over here in North York we felt last night's storm big time, too. Though it didn't ravage our area as badly as the one last Sunday night did. That knocked out the generator that supplies our building, leaving DH and I without power or hydro for a day.

I enjoy a good lightning and thunder storm as much as the next person, but agree that these powerful ones veer more toward scary than enjoyable.

Fingers crossed that we've seen the worst of this summer's storms and can get down to enjoying a lovely autumn soon.

Big hugs & cheerful Thursday wishes,