Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello again!!!

Just amazing how time flies...when your having fun....NOT!!! This last year has gone by so fast I cannot believe it! I have moved...moved again...started a new job. But the best part of all is I have set up my new scraproom!!!! It's still not exactly how I want it to be...needs quite a bit of shelving still....but its definitely a great start to my little piece of heaven :) So with that...I am looking forward to catching up with everyone, seeing what you have all been up to, and all of what I have been missing for the last year! Hope everyone's holiday was safe and fun. A very safe, happy and healthy new year to you all. Here are a couple pics of my room...will be posting in the next couple days or so, some pages I have been working on. Oh and I made a couple mini albums too, so I will upload them too. So excited to be back...yippeeee....woohooooo :D

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